Pawliday Cookies! Just in time for Santa Paws.


Nothing screams Holidays, more than Christmas Cookies!! And OMG do these scream (and smell like) Christmas! From the cranberries to the mint, to the added bonus of flax seed and coconut these cookies for your pups are literally to die for! Santa Paws is going to go beg for more on Christmas Eve!

Now I know from reading recipe blogs myself, you’re not here for the chit chat, you’re here for the recipe and low down! so lets get to it!

Santa Paws Cranberry Delights

Prep Time 30+ minutes

Bake Time 30 minutes


2.5 cups Whole Wheat Flour (All Purpose Flour, Coconut Flour, etc. is also fine!)

1/4 cup Ground Flax Seed

1 Tablespoon The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form Herbal Supplement (Great for Belly Digestion!!)

1/4 Cup Shredded Coconut

1 Cup Rolled Oats

3/4 Cup Diced Whole Cranberries

1.5 Tablespoons Chopped Fresh Mint

1 Eggs

3/4 Can Cranberry Sauce (Jellied)


  1. Pre Heat Oven to 375 Degrees

  2. Mix Dry Ingredients: Flour, Flax Seeds, Perfect Form, Coconut, Oats, Cranberries, & Mint in a large bowl.

  3. Mix Wet Ingredients: Egg and Cranberry Sauce in smaller Bowl

  4. Combine Wet ingredients and Dry ingredients to Form dough. Dough will be sticky consistency.

  5. Optional: If you have extra flour roll our dough and cut out shapes with cookies cutters. Otherwise, roll dough into balls and space two inches apart. Flatten each ball with a fork. I would say depending on dogs size and your treat size preference, determine the best size. I chose larger size and baked for longer.

  6. For cookie cutter sized treats Bake for 30 minutes. For larger dough balls as pictures, approximately 40min bake time. Be mindful

  7. Store in Fridge for up to 7-10 days.

Ok Ok. Now that I have given you the run down on the recipe, let me get into more serious things. No for real. I created a recipe feeding off another recipe that had incredients that promoted all around a better digestive system for our pups! Lets be real holidays can be all around CRAY-ZEE! Mako is already beet bopping from one house to the next between my sisters houses and my moms, to struggling from a possible UTI/Yeast infection (lord help us), and antibiotics are noooo Joke! So lets be honest here anything to counteract those holiday stressors on our belly is a positive in our house!! So we fed off of one of our favorite pineapple and coconut recipes and made it Pawliday friendly! It’s Screaming Red, Green, and White all over! I mean look at all of that snowy coconut and that beautiful fresh mint. And lets not forget those gorgeous cranberries!


Speaking of digestion though. The ingredients that really build this recipe up, but your dog doesn’t even notice what happening because of all the good good above, are the flax seed, the perfect form, the oats, and the whole wheat flour.


Flax seed is already a good source of omega-3 fatty acids which is great for your dogs skin and coat (WIN WIN for allergy dogs) but did you know know that ground, its an awesome source of fiber!! Perfect Form has been a staple in our house since literally day one!! Mako has always had belly issues, and when mixed with a little pumpkin, its like FREAKING MAGIC!! I’m telling you, save yourself a vet trip and buy yourself this miracle worker. It literally makes your dogs stool the “perfect form,” if you know what I am saying, ok! As for Oats and Whole Wheat flour, hello, they are literally whole grain, which is basically fiber in itself!

Save yourself some stress this week, make these cookies, make your dog happy and your heart happy by having fun making them! I know Mako and I sure did! We even had assistance from a good friend of ours! Oh! And Omg before I forget this yields like wayyy too many cookies for one dog to eat in a week. So bake half the dough! Freeze the other half and bake the rest later! Seriously!! Or if your at home with others, share!! (and DO NOT CONSUME THIS DOUGH, IT IS DOG FRIENDLY ONLY!! I REPEAT, DOG FRIENDLY, NOT PEOPLE FRIENDLY, because of the perfect form, which is a dog supplement not a people supplement.) Stay Stress Free this week Friends! Bake some cookies whether it be dog cookies or people cookies and have a Happy and Safe Holiday! We love each and everyone of you and are so thankful to be able to share our blog with you! Merry Christmas! Cant wait to share more with you all!

Pre-baked bones. I used a mini sized bones. These baked at the full 30 min and turned out great. Flour is kind of annoying and was literally not something I enjoyed cause it doesn’t like bake into the dough, it like just coated the cookie, if that makes sense.

Pre-baked bones. I used a mini sized bones. These baked at the full 30 min and turned out great. Flour is kind of annoying and was literally not something I enjoyed cause it doesn’t like bake into the dough, it like just coated the cookie, if that makes sense.

These are probably about 1.5 inch dough balls. I baked these for the 35-40 min range. Depending on the crunch your dog would like and size treats this is something to thing about.

These are probably about 1.5 inch dough balls. I baked these for the 35-40 min range. Depending on the crunch your dog would like and size treats this is something to thing about.

Final Product! Ready for Santa Paws!! I would Definitely Bake again! Mako is in Love and so are all the cousin dogs! YAYYY!

Final Product! Ready for Santa Paws!! I would Definitely Bake again! Mako is in Love and so are all the cousin dogs! YAYYY!

Holiday Gift Guide 2018


Happy Holiday’s Fur-riends! I hope you all are enjoying this holiday season and the much cooler temperatures to come with. Mako and I have already decorated my home with the fall and Christmas “Transitional” Decor. Before you jump down my throat!! Christmas Decor is the most warm, inviting, and cheerful decor of the year! And its scientifically proven to brighten your mood, so why not enjoy it as long as you can! (Also Mako thrives on snuggles by the tree! She loves to post up on the couch with her head by the tree, so she can enjoy the lights!) Trust me, decorate today and enjoy the holiday environment, not only because its great for you, but it’s great for your pup!

Speaking of Holidays, our Holiday Gift Guide is finally complete! (Took us fur-ever, to pick our favorite products, take pictures, release content… but perks of the blog right?) Below you will find some amazing gifts for any pup at almost any budget! I found myself shopping more local this year, but have some last minute Black Friday doggo finds to order this week! I can not pass up a sale! I will mention those as well, but in less detail! But my local finds are to die for! Keep reading for more details on each Item on our holiday wish list, (or more like holiday-we-now-own these list) OH and sorry for Mako’s Constant RBF, she decided to play in our drain water at the apartment, therefor she had to have a “Mom’s Mad at me Bath!” and she was not happy about that!

Bok Choy


First on our Holiday Gift Guide: Festive Bandanas!

Whether you are looking for bandanas for Thanksgiving or Christmas or just the holiday season in general, the Humble Hound Co. can hook you up! Her Pumpkin Pie Bandana stole my heart (and Mako’s) in an instant. Perfect for trimming the turkey or munching on pie, Mako looks ready for any Thanksgiving task! And who doesn’t love pumpkin and pie?! (speaking of, I’m making mini doggie pies for Mako! If anyone is interested in my recipe, holllla!)

Mako has about a 16-17 inch neck around, and I went with a large bandana. The size is perfect! I love the way these bandanas fall on Mako as well. They are large enough to show the pattern, and also look nicely when tied around your pup. Along with having amazing bandanas, this NC local company has an amazing CEO, Clyde the Basset Hound, is by far one of mako’s favorite dudes! Check out these festive bandanas and more here.


Secondly: Holiday Photo Worthy Bow Ties & Girly Bows!

Chase and Chauncey bows are to die for! This girly bow has seriously become my newest dog mom addiction! The oversized bow screams, “I am one fancy pup!” On top of that, we get so many compliments on all our girly bows! I love telling all our new friends about the newest and hottest doggy trends, and this one takes the cake! Not only are her girly bows great, the bow ties are a smash! My sisters pup Mateo (15lb mini beagle) is so dapper in his Christmas bow! (and more, cause I'm all about stocking up him too!)

Chase and Chauncey also makes bandanas and scarves, along with her bows and girly bows!! Her scarves are seriously the perfect winter additives to any pups wardrobe! So boy or girl, get your pup ready for the holidays with all the fun holiday patterns and prints! Want something special, maybe for your Christmas photos, or just family portraits and need to include the pup? No worries, Chase and Chauncey will make it happen! Found fabric you just have to have in a bow or bandana? If you’re local, contact Alyssa and she will work it out for you! Find her bows, bowties, and more here.


Third: Christmas Poinsettia Sailor Bow!

This Pawties sailor bow is by far a Christmas staple that every diva dog needs! I found the poinsettias to be subtle and the stripes on this fabric will make this a perfect transitional piece! I’m freaking loving this pattern! And it looks so good on Mako!

Pawties is great because the bows are made to fit your dogs style. Whether your dog wears a collar or not. With choice of velcro collar attachments or an elastic band (around the neck), you can choose the fit that makes your pup comfortable! Mako wears a collar regularly so we went with the velcro attachments, and it was just to easy and can fit any collar! I also love that Pawties, sells bows and sailor bows (more girly) because this truly diversifies your pup. Tired of hearing “He looks so cute!” when your dogs a girl, these sailor bows have just the feminine touch any girly pup needs! I’m literally obsessed! Find Pawties bows and sailor bows here. I also think they have an amazing Black Friday Sale going on, so head over there and get your dapper pup some swag!


Fourth: Holly Jolly Matching PJS for Christmas Eve!!

These are a must have! Hanna Anderson Dog Johns are the perfect fit for dogs small and large! Mako is 55lbs and really chesty (ie, the staffy in her,) so a lot of doggo apparel just doesn’t fit. But OMG Hanna Anderson has rocked our world! Besides our adorable matching jammies, we have the narwhal dog John and the gnomes pet sweater! I’m so excited to have jammies that fit my girl and match mine!! I will for sure be buying more asap!

Besides having amazing dog clothes, their pjs pants are amazing. I am literally obsessed! they are so soft and so cozy, I could spend the entire holidays in these! I would potentially size down, as the pjs kinda run large! OH! and their customer service is phenomenal! (and I don’t mess around when it comes to customer service!!) We had an issue with a our sweater, and Hanna Anderson replaced it on the spot!! Check our insta for the gnome sweater, it will make debut soon! Now these are on the more expensive side. However, with refer a friend, you can save 20% on your first purchase, shoot me an email @ and I will get your referral, (and I’m sure they will have good sales Black Friday, they typically run sales daily!) To find dog johns and matching pjs, go here.


Fifth: Festive Target Bark!

Y’all already know mako and I are obsessed with bark box. When Bark launched toys and treats at Target, I bout lost my mind. Their toys are seriously the best dang toys, you will ever purchase! From the crinkle paper, to the giggle sticks, right down to the very theme of each series at target, Bark just makes the best toys!

I know, I know, do they hold up?? Like any toy, there is a certain level at which said toy can be destroyed, and lets just say right here, right now, these toys are worth the $7.99-$11.99 price tag. Our Bark toys have lasted longer than our toys from any other retailer, and its because they are made to be GREAT toys! Find these holiday bark toys and more, here. or shop on bark.

Y’all for real do not pass on these toys! They are by far some of the most fun and most wonderful toys ever. I think Mako owns like 35 bark toys and had an eternal battle about which one is her favorite of the week!! Seriously though she took her fish taco to bed for almost a month!

Turns out our Box has been SNATCHED… by the post office and didn’t arrive yet! However our Fred the reindeer toy is on its way!!! I will do a box opening on instagram this week!!

Turns out our Box has been SNATCHED… by the post office and didn’t arrive yet! However our Fred the reindeer toy is on its way!!! I will do a box opening on instagram this week!!

Lastly: The Grinch Themed Barkbox! I am Obsessed! Barkbox out did themselves with this theme. Not that any of there themes are bad, because every box blows me away, The Grinch themed box is a holiday wish list must have! First of all, its the freaking Grinch! Second, It’s the GRINCH! These toys are by far some of my favorite holiday toys ever!

Now, why do I love Bark so much, and why not another box subscription for dogs, (well I love Realdog subsciption box, but more on that later?) I love Bark and Barkboc because of how much they care for my pup. Mako is really going through a lot with her allergies and come end of December, our Dermatologist has recommended a food Trial (which I will go into detail in January.) Basically on a food trial, Mako will be restricted to the food prescribed by the vet. That means treats, dinner, you name it, the nasty chicken smelling soup cracker prescription food, will be all Mako is allowed to eat. So what about Bark, how does this play into affect. Well I emailed Bark, and I expressed how Mako will be on a Trial soon, and having a box of treats, is kind of a waste. I said if we can’t have toys, can we have chews? Chews are much easier to disperse to a shelter, or to friends, or to Mako once the trial is over. Within 24 hours our box was re-done, avoiding proteins on our no list (chicken) and without treats! Phenomenal. On top of this, Bark sent Mako a get well card with her own personal portrait! Can you say AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! (My number one must have in a company!!!) Sign up for Barkbox here!

Other items on my Pawliday Wishlist for Mako are as follows:

  1. Found My Animal- Leash and Collar: These are by far some of the best leashes and collars I have ever bought! I found them in NYC this summer, and OMG. The leash is so versatile and can be wrapped around the waist for better stability! Its such a classy leash and is so dang stylish!

  2. Bocce’s Bakery Treats and Chews: These are some of my favorite treats on the market right now! I love that they have some of the most fun treat names like “truffle Mac & Cheese” and “Beef Bourgeon!” Mako is also dealing with some food issues and cant have meat, and their meatless treats are sooooo trust worthy, with limited ingredients, that I know and understand!!

  3. Honest Kitchen Perfect Form: This stuff is seriously to die for! If your pup has ever experienced any tummy issues, this will save your dog!! Check it out and if you have questions, let me know!!

Pumpkin Puree DIY!

Pumpkin Patch Vibes. Mako had such a blast picking out her pumpkins and mom’s decor!

During October and November, the pumpkin patches are readily available and pumpkins all over your local grocery stores! Save yourself a few dollars on Pumpkin Puree and have some fine while making it yourself!!

Did you know that Pumpkin Puree is full of fiber and makes the perfect additive to any dogs meal when their tummy is upset?? I can tell you from personal experience that Libby’s Canned Pumpkin saved me from many sleepless nights when I first got Mako. Pumpkin, straight up, is a gift of the Gods when it comes to making dogs of all sizes feel better!

Let’s be honest here, we all know as dog parents that the number one and two rules of thumb are as follows:

  1. Is your dog eating normally?

  2. Is your dog using the restroom normally?

If either of these two things are a No, there is trouble in doggy paradise. If they’re eating and being ravenous, but number two is out of the ordinary, there is a quick and inexpensive fix, and canned Pumpkin Puree or homemade can solve your issue!

And a little goes a long way, so be careful, when finding the right dose! Too much and you might get the opposite problem. For Mako, 55lbs, she can usually do two spoonfuls of pumpkin and everything is right as rain the next potty break! I personally like to pour the pumpkin (canned or homemade) into treat molds and freeze them for easy on the go snacking of a healthy and beneficial doggy treat! I always have a can in my pantry for those go to moments! You should too!

You don’t need much, a food processor, pan, utensil, cutting board, knife, and Pumpkin! I got my scooper at Target for 50% off right now! and my processor is from target too! (I’m also certain its on sale in stores only!)

You don’t need much, a food processor, pan, utensil, cutting board, knife, and Pumpkin! I got my scooper at Target for 50% off right now! and my processor is from target too! (I’m also certain its on sale in stores only!)

Below I have included easy go to instructions and pictures to help you make your own with those leftover orange decor pumpkins. (do not consume yourself unless made from Pie Pumpkins or Sugar Pumpkins) Left over Jack-O-Lantern scraps make the perfect puree as well, but not to be consumed by dog mom and dog dad!

Once you have your pumpkin, (we chose a small Sugar Pumpkin from Trader Joe’s) your first step is to remove any stickers and wash your fruit! Pre Heat the Oven to 350 degrees.

After your Pumpkin is washed, Cut in half! This is probably the hardest part so be careful! If you feel more comfortable doing this, by all means it doesn’t change the outcome. Feel free to cut your stem off so you can more easily cut. (It’s way easier, than cutting through the stem!)

Once cut in half, you will see some strings and seeds like any other pumpkin, naturally. Use a pumpkin scrapper, spoon, fork, or whatever to clean your pumpkin as much as you can. Your pumpkin should look like this:


Place pumpkin halves face down like pictured, and fill your tray with about 1/4inch of water. Bake for one hour! (longest wait time ever so turn on some Netflix and smell that pumpkin aroma!)

Once your pumpkin is baked, it should be a really soft consistency and easily removed from the peel.


Keep in mind, do not use the peel when blending the puree. You only need the warm yellow orange inside. Remove the inside and place in a food processor or blender. Pumpkin should process to a nice smooth consistency and resemble Libby’s Puree (except way more yellow than orange!)

This next part is completely optional. If like me and can’t use a whole pumpkin of Puree in one day, feel free to freeze in treat molds of easy access when in need! I store my frozen treats in a Stasher Bag (You can also refrigerate and use spoonfuls throughout the week, by keeping it in a air tight container! Your pup is going to love you and their belly will too!! Def give this DIY a shot and let me know if you do! We might even feature your DIY Puree!!

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Thanks again y’all for all your support!

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