Amazon Prime Finds for Fido!

Top Amazon Prime Day finds:

  1. Furbo Interactive Dog Camera great for keeping an eye on Fido when you’re away!

  2. One Month Bark Box: best subscription ever, but if not ready, try one month and enjoy all the goods before subscribing!

  3. Dog Food: brands like taste of the wild, wag, and more!! plus on taste of the wild, save 60% on your first subscription!!

  4. Petrainer electric collar: a personal fav for dogs who are high energy, but need a little notification when distracted:

  5. Life Jacket: perfect for swimming and dogs who tire themselves out when in water! Keeps them floating!

  6. Backseat Cover! Protects car from dog fur!

  7. 5strands environmental and food allergy test! We’re doing this test now and can’t wait to know mako’s intolerances!! Check this out, such a good price! They also have the environmental only test for less than $65!

  8. Bissell Pet Vacuum! Best pet vacuum at such a good price!!

  9. Bissell Barkbath! Bath Fido on the go!!

  10. Barkworthies chews! Makos most favorite chews!

  11. Other fun items available: dog bandanas, doggy vitamins, doggy Gates, Pet Md and more! Search dogs in prime day, and find all the goods on sale y’all!!