New Years Resolutions for Dog and I

Eyes are totally the Windows to the soul, and Makos are telling me to eat right and exercise this year!! And not use flash! haha

Eyes are totally the Windows to the soul, and Makos are telling me to eat right and exercise this year!! And not use flash! haha

New year, New Me… Seriously this mantra is old. How about New Year, Same Me (or rather us.) But in the mean time lets make some resolutions and upgrades. Lets be honest us dog moms and dads are striving to work on our own New Years Resolutions this years, but we should also be thinking about how we can also improve our pets lives. I thought a lot about Mako’s pretty interesting 2018 and how we can make 2019 a much better and healthier year for both her and I. Throughout the year we will keep you posted on our progress!! Hopefully from these you can set your own or use these too!

Below I give you our top FIVE 2019 New Years Resolutions:

  1. Shed Less. (Stress less) Did you know that shedding isn’t just a seasonal thing? Dogs shed when the temps change and also in high cases of stress. For example, Mako had surgery two years ago and was left at the vet without mom for 24-48 hours, hair was coming out in chunks! The vet told me she was under so much bodily and emotional stress that this was extremely normal. High cases of stress can cause excess hair loss. As many of you know allergy pups already shed more than most pups on average, so stress less, means shed (a little) less for us! So thats a starting point for us!

  2. Itch Less. (Get our Allergies under Control!!) Allergies are no freaking joke! After two years on our allergy journey and 2018 basically was us starting over with new test and meds, but 2019 is about leveling out those allergens and keeping our itching down! And don’t worry friends, we have a post all about this just for those pups with allergies! How Mako went from Naked and no fur, to fully fluffed and a massive shedder (I almost prefer her less hair, less lint rolling your leggings if you know what I mean??)

  3. Get Out More!! Get Outside, Go to Public Outings, Get out of Our Comfort Zone! Mako struggles with minor social anxiety. She doesn’t tend do well around, well, anyone. Especially kids and strangers. But we strive daily to walk in our neighborhood filled with kids riding bikes, and various people we don’t know, which is a huge start. We will keep you posted on other fun ways to keep your dog social in 2019!

  4. Smile More! Not sure if you’ve noticed, but Mako has a major case of RBF. Treats involved and she just gets into formation and tenses up. Sometimes I’m not sure if she’s happy of she’s just eager for the treat. But Smile More, I think goes for both Mako and I. Over the Holidays we had a Joy Seeker Challenge, to seek joy and find happiness everyday, and it really made us find the light and good in everyday, so in 2019, mako is working on her RBF and I am working just finding Joy with Mako. We’re hoping for more fun, and more smiles along the way this year.

  5. Lastly Mako and I are taking time to just enjoy each other. With working two jobs, sometimes theres not enough time in the day to have dog mom and dog time. But I have made it a point for Mako and I to do something daily together. This past week we have walked every single day or had a 10-15 minute dance party to the Taylor swift reputation tour. Our little bit of bonding daily makes our relationship quality that much better.

What are your resolutions this year? Are you trying to get Fit? Can Pup be involved? Are you eating healthier? Are you working on self care? Are you indulging in finer things? Let us know! Message us on Insta! We want to know your resolutions! And we want to hold you to it! In June at the 6 month mark we will post an update on our resolutions, and hopefully we haven’t fallen off track! We can also see how you’re doing!! How does that sound? Are you in? Join us!! Welcome to 2019 friends! Happy New Year!! Thank for being here with us!!