October 17, 2015


Three years. Three years ago, October 17th, I made one of the best decisions I have ever made. I adopted the most wonderful, smart, beautiful, and insane pup, my now CFO (Cheif Fido Officer) of The Leashed Life, Mako! Three very fast paced, wild, yet very much enjoyable, years. Three years of learning about dogs and what it means to be a Great Dog parent. Three years of adventures, I can’t wait to share with all of you!

First, let me start with some back story about how this all happened. About how mako and I found each other and about how The Leashed Life got its start! As a little girl, I grew up with a few adopted dogs. Hershey, the chocolate lab who ran away more than once, and eventually never came back. The Shit-zu who bit my mother and didn’t make it to name sake. And finally my child hood bestie, Missy. 

Spaghetti-o’s were a staple in this household & Missy was aways there to clean up food messes, especially spaghetti, rice and chicken, and more.

Spaghetti-o’s were a staple in this household & Missy was aways there to clean up food messes, especially spaghetti, rice and chicken, and more.

Missy was my girl. She was an all around heinz-57 mutt, but she was always there for me. We snuggled, we walked all over together and had daily chats about life, she was such a great listener. A little before going off to college, Missy had slowed down a lot. She was much older now, and not only was her body aging, her skin was too. She had developed a skin condition, probably brought on by allergies, but could have been doggy cancer. It wasn’t ever known, and at the time my mom did what she could for her (like homemade chicken and rice for dinner), while raising three girls. Missy’s condition improved slightly but by my sophomore year of college, she just couldn’t hold on any longer. She was old. She had a skin issue. And she knew we would be ok without her.

Ever since Missy passed I knew I wanted to be a dog mom. I wanted to adopt puppy and give her the best life I could. After College and after starting my job, I began looking. I started at the SPCA, and was refused a puppy because of my work schedule. I was really upset by this because had I been in College with a more flexible schedule they would approve me. What?! Approve someone whose not really financially stable, but deny someone who is and who will take time to raise the puppy. Ok, Bye. No offense to the SPCA, but it didn’t work for me.


I began to take my search elsewhere, when a friend from hometown ran into me at my pastime job. She told me about her litter of pups that were basically ready to go! I made plans with her to pick up a puppy on October 17, 2018. When I pulled up, the family friend released the 9 puppies from the gate. The mom was a black lab and the dad was most likely boxer-pitt mix. There were seven little black lab look alike and two chocolate lab look alikes running around the yard. I picked up the chunky chocolate female and at that moment I was hooked! Her awkward grin, her sweet, hazel eyes burrowing into my soul and the way she latched on and held me tight. I knew right then, this girl, was my Mako. 

Mako? you might ask, well, I’m a bit obsessed with sharks. Shark weeks is by far My favorite time of year and now Mako’s too. And lets be honest here, Mako is a little bit shark like, you’ll know what I mean, soon.

After I adopted Mako, I became a little dog mom crazy. I was full on obsessed, with walking her daily, training her, making sure she had the best life. Mako is my best friend, my fur baby, and my whole world, for now. Mako has done so much for me in the last three years and I can, at the very least, do right by her.

The Leashed Life got its start because of the bond Mako and I have. We do so much together and have been through hell and back within such a short time period. She has been there for me when the shower curtain wont stay put and I’m super stressed crying in the bathtub to just strolling through the park after a long day at work. At the same time I am there for her when she’s itching all her fur off and needs weekly shots to when she’s spending a week at the emergency vet for eating her crate. (more on both later.) The point is, in the three years Mako and I have been best friends, I have learned so much about being a dog mom. No, not just about being a dog mom, but about being the best dog mom one can be! And even though my obsessiveness gets laughed at some times, I love Mako, and Mako loves me, and I want her around for as long as time allows. If that means obsessing over dog nutrition, or making/buying 100+ bandanas so she can change her look with the weather, or finding new ways to make her happy (which in turn makes me happy), then yes, I will do all those things because being a dog mom is one of the greatest gifts in life. And I have to share what I know with all my fellow dog parents. I want to you to know what I know on products, foods, treats and more without having to put in as much time, so you can be out spending time with your pups. I want you to be the best dog parent you can be and that’s why I’m starting The Leashed Life. 

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